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Climate Action

B&L’s climate action team spans across our practice areas, combining our expertise to provide holistic planning, funding, and design. We are especially keen on utilizing our knowledge to address the rising impacts and inequities of climate change experienced by disadvantaged communities.

Flooding, drought, water quality, sea-level rise, heat stress, and other climate risks are the ultimate test for communities. B&L is passionate about guiding our clients through whatever comes their way. We work as a team to address the entire climate action story. From bouncing back to reducing future changes, B&L is ready to help with every step of the journey.

The climate action story as a whole can be imagined as a three-legged stool: mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. All three legs are critical to future success. The methods of each leg combine to create a community that is stronger now, and ready for what’s next.

The first piece of the interconnected climate action process, mitigation includes efforts to reduce future climate changes, particularly greenhouse gases. We help communities inventory emissions, identify reduction targets, and design plans to decrease them.

Efforts to reduce the vulnerability of a society to climate change impacts is an integral piece of the climate action story. We combine modern techniques to bring even the oldest neighborhoods into a space where they can adapt to
ever-changing climate impacts and stressors.

The ability to back after disruptions caused by climate change further strengthens a community. We utilize our knowledge of resilient building techniques and coastal protection to achieve this goal. B&L understands the importance of designing infrastructure for resilience so that our clients will have the ability to rapidly recover from disruptions and other challenging environmental conditions.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Specific Areas of Expertise

Climate Action, Resiliency & Adaptation Plans
Climate Smart Community Planning
Community Resilience Workshops
Green Infrastructure & Stormwater Management
Hazard Mitigation Studies & Plans
Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Shoreline Management & Protection Strategies
Coastal Resilience Design
LEED Consulting & Building Systems
Sustainable Site Planning
Renewable Energy
Solar & Wind Power Reviews
Energy Conservation
Vulnerability Assessments
Electrification Initiatives
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

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Jayme Breschard

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