Our History

Our History

Since 1961, our attitude has been “can do!”

In April of 1961, four engineers opened the doors of their new engineering firm in North Syracuse. Ed Barton, Kenneth R. Brown, James E. Clyde, and Frank A. Loguidice left stable jobs to start their own civil engineering firm. They had no clients, no projects, and not one stick of furniture, but that first day they got to work building drafting tables out of saw horses and a work station for the secretary they hoped to one day hire. Then they set about building a dream.

Fast forward to today, and B&L is a multi-disciplined consulting firm headquartered in Syracuse, New York, with offices spanning across New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maine. B&L employs more than 350 people and provides services to clients across the country and beyond.

We continue to embrace the can-do attitude and work ethic that enabled our founders to start with nothing but a store front office. Our talented professionals use insight and ingenuity to bring creative solutions to our clients’ planning, design, maintenance and operations challenges.

We approach every project with dedication and commitment to solve engineering challenges for public and private-sector clients. Check out our success stories.

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