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Ontario County Landfill Stage 1X-A2 Expansion and Stage 1 Closure

What was the Challenge?

The Ontario County Landfill facility is permitted to accept an average of 2,999 tons of waste per day. The proposed landfill expansion area was located between three operational landfill cells that required tie-ins to the existing landfill liner system on three sides and connection to and extension of the landfill’s existing leachate collection system. The configuration of the expansion area posed unique challenges for managing stormwater runoff such as the existing waste mass on three sides, accessing the area during construction, and for waste placement following approval of the Construction Certification Report by the regulatory agency. The partial closure system was designed where the waste mass achieved final permitted grades and required phasing of the installation of both systems during construction.

How did Barton & Loguidice provide a solution?

B&L assisted Casella Waste Services of Ontario, LLC with the design, bid/construction administration and construction oversight for the expansion and partial closure of the Ontario Landfill to ensure uninterrupted environmentally safe disposal capacity. The expansion included construction of approximately 4.5 acres of double composite liner system including the removal and reconstruction of the site’s main access road to the waste placement area. The design also included tie-ins to the existing cells, phased abandonment for a portion of the site’s existing leachate collection system to maintain operation of the existing system during construction, extension of the site’s leachate collection and conveyance system, as well as expansion of the site’s gas collection and conveyance system. Temporary stormwater infrastructure was designed and installed to minimize inflow to the expansion area during construction and prior to waste placement to minimize siltation of the primary leachate collection layer. The final closure system included the installation of five acres of geosynthetic cover system including overlying cover soils, stormwater collection and conveyance infrastructure with HydroTurf downchutes and conveyance swales, installation of final gas collection, and conveyance infrastructure and installation of well field dewatering infrastructure.

Why was the project a success?

B&L’s expertise and working relationship with the NYSDEC allowed for a successful completion of the project. Collaboration between the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor during the design and construction allowed for uninterrupted operation of the site despite the numerous challenges. The expansion, closure, and modifications continue to support environmentally sound waste management and the generation of over 11 MW of renewable energy from waste, enough to power over 10,000 homes.

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