Boldt Castle Wastewater Treatment System

What was the Challenge?

Historic Boldt Castle on the St. Lawrence River has seen a significant increase in usage in recent years. As a result, the 1980’s wastewater treatment plant on Heart Island was in need of replacement. Working under tight site constraints and a limited construction window around tourism season, Barton & Loguidice was part of the Aubertine & Currier (A&C) team on this $4.6 million project.

How did Barton & Loguidice provide a solution?

Barton & Loguidice was the lead design engineer for the new treatment facility, which utilizes a sequence batch reactor treatment system. The compact treatment plant was designed using precast concrete treatment tanks for quick on-site assembly.

Why was the project a success?

The new facility was relocated to Fern Island where wastewater is now received from both Boldt Castle and the Boldt Castle Yacht House. Being a part of the A&C team, we had a very fluid and open dialogue together with the owner to meet their project goals for this very unique and historical Thousand Island landmark.

Project At a Glance


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