Barton & Loguidice provides services for the various facets of water supply analysis and design, including system troubleshooting, treatment and storage facilities, distribution and transmission mains, SCADA systems, disinfection, and fluoridation systems. We also offer services in water system analyses/modeling, planning, and grantsmanship. This includes areas such as facility optimization and rehabilitation, source development and assessments, system hydraulic analyses, energy management, and instrumentation & control.

  • Water system analyses and planning

  • Facility optimization and rehabilitation

  • Source development and protection

  • System hydraulic analyses/modeling

  • Distribution and transmission systems

  • Water storage facilities

  • Water treatment facilities

  • Instrumentation and control/SCADA systems

  • Start-up and operating assistance

  • Rate structure studies

  • Disinfection techniques

  • Pilot/research and development programs

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Grant and funding assistance

  • Asset management

Richard A. Straut, P.E.

Richard A. Straut, P.E.

Kenneth M. Knutsen, P.E.

Kenneth M. Knutsen, P.E.

For more information on these services, please contact Richard A. Straut, P.E., Principal, at rstraut@bartonandloguidice.com or Kenneth M. Knutsen, P.E., Senior Vice President, at kknutsen@bartonandloguidice.com.

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