The College Recruitment Process

Preparation is key, so learn all you can about Barton & Loguidice—such as who we are and what we do—to help you make an informed decision about a potential career with us.

Make sure you understand what type of work you want to do, your ideal working environment, and career goals before your interview. You should be able to articulate how a career with Barton & Loguidice would help you accomplish your goals and us accomplish ours.

Interviews: What to Expect

Our hiring manager or human resources department may conduct brief phone interviews or invite applicants to come to the office. Before any scheduled interview, we ask that you complete an online application. Depending on the length of your drive, we may cover travel expenses and overnight accommodations.

If invited for an in-person interview, dress the part—while we enjoy a business casual dress code at B&L, interviews are always professional and we expect applicants to dress accordingly and have extra copies of their resume and college transcript. Don’t be afraid to interview us as well—bring a list of questions that are important to you, and take notes.

Applicants typically meet with the hiring manager, key department team members, and an HR representative for one to two hours. You will learn about the people and projects you will be working with every day, as well as our benefits package. Be prepared to answer general questions about your background and technical questions pertaining to college projects and previous employment. Certain positions may also require skill testing.



What's Next?

We’ll contact you after completing our first round of interviews, and may ask for employment references or a second interview, extend an offer of employment, or let you know we will be proceeding with other candidates.

Email us if you have any questions about our process or have other career-related questions.