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One of the most important powers and duties granted to a Town is the responsibility to prepare and update a Comprehensive Plan for their community. In order for a Comprehensive Plan to be an effective decision-making tool and successful development guide, it must be continuously monitored and periodically evaluated and updated. Without this, as circumstances and conditions change within the community the Plan will become less valuable as a town planning guide, and eventually will become obsolete. The Plan should not be considered a static document, but a dynamic tool capable of adapting to changing conditions.

Therefore, the Town of Brighton has undertaken a commitment to update its current 2000 Comprehensive Plan in order to stay current with development trends and the needs of the community.  It is important that the Plan include a strategy for acquired parkland and sustainability and smart growth principles. 

Project News and Status

The 3rd Public Meeting was June 13, 2016 at the Brighton Town Hall from 7-9 pm. The purpose of this third meeting was to provide background on the Town-owned parcels adjacent to Buckland Park along Westfall Road. The team began with a presentation of the Buckland Park Master Plan preliminary concepts followed by an open house where community members were asked to share feedback and ideas.

Here is the presentation from that meeting.

Please check back for the meeting summary notes!