NY Public Schools are Now Required to Test and Report on Lead in their Drinking Water

Author: John Benson

Here are some resources to help you comply -

Now that schools are in full swing, public school districts are being instructed that they must perform lead testing on all drinking water outlets by September 30th for schools with K-5 students, and by October 31st for schools with students in grades 6-12. Governor Cuomo signed the law yesterday, which requires if an outlet tests above 15 parts per billion, use of that outlet must be terminated and a remediation plan put into place. This is detailed in the link below:


Though time is short, there are many resources available to school districts to help them navigate this process.  The EPA link below has helpful tips on how to develop a sampling plan and code your outlets, and assistance on how to remediate problem water systems in the short and long term.


All samples must be analyzed by a lab approved by the Department’s Environmental Laboratory Approval Program. A database of certified labs is located here:


Barton & Loguidice has experienced water and environmental specialists on staff who can assist in sampling protocol, identify sample locations, coordinate and assist with ancillary fixture operation, sampling, sample analysis, interpretation of results including identification of contaminant location, and recommended remedial responses, to help you to ensure safe drinking water for all your students, faculty and staff.