Today’s projects require a balance between society's demand for natural resources and the need to sustain healthy ecosystems. B&L’s professional geologists and environmental consulting staff specialize in planning, assessing, developing, testing, permitting, and protecting water and geological resources for both public and private sector concerns. Our knowledge of the regulatory agencies and expertise with complex water supply, wastewater discharge, and contamination challenges allows us to effectively interpret laboratory test data to formulate innovative and cost-effective solutions. Specifically, we achieve this by combining sound technical criteria with economic and community considerations.

Contaminant Hydrogeology

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations

  • Monitoring Well Design, Sampling & Monitoring

  • Tracer tests and studies

  • Hydrogeologic risk evaluations

  • Contaminant fate and transport assessments including predictions supported by both analytical and numerical groundwater flow modeling; and

  • Groundwater – Surface water interaction evaluations

  • Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

Water Supply Exploration, Development, Testing & Permitting

  • Groundwater Feasibility Evaluations & Supply Development

  • Impact & Permitting Reports

  • Aquifer Pump Tests, Source Water Assessment & Wellhead Protection

  • Bedrock & Karst Hydrogeology Specialization

  • Spring Water Resource Characterization & Development

  • Permit Applications & Regulatory Coordination

  • Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

  • Surface Water Hydrology

  • Quarry & Mine Evaluations

Subsurface Discharge & Land Application

  • Soil Infiltration, Permeability & Infiltrometer Tests

  • Monitoring Well Design, Sampling & Monitoring

  • Nutrient Loading Analyses & Nitrogen Balance Calculations

  • Groundwater Mounding & Hydrologic Mass Balance Evaluations

  • Horizontal Hydraulic Conductivity / Slug Tests

  • TMDLs & Chesapeake Bay Protection

  • TMDL Planning Evaluations

  • Pond & Lagoon Leakage Evaluations

  • Permit Applications, Regulatory Coordination & Expert Testimony

Environmental Site Assessment, Investigation, Remediation & Closure


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