Onondaga County Water Authority

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Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA)

What was the challenge?

Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) requested Barton & Loguidice to evaluate their existing water meter testing facility, and implement the design of a new testing equipment system. The new system was desired to improve meter testing and recording capabilities, to conserve water usage, and to address safety issues and space allocation changes. The original testing equipment was over 35 years old, manually operated with limited capacity, and had become increasingly problematic to operate.

The original equipment was located within a shared space creating noise issues with surrounding offices during testing operations, and had inadequate space for proper operation of equipment and movement of large meters. The space was not equipped with any type of mechanized lifting equipment to safely move large meters. There were also issues with the drainage capacity required during testing, as the equipment used significant volumes of water with no water recycling capability.

How did Barton & Loguidice provide a solution?

B&L researched different manufacturers of meter testing equipment to provide a system capable of simultaneously testing multiple meters up to 10 inches in size with an automated system for integration into OCWA's meter inventory database. The new testing system included two test benches, a combination bench for smaller meters up to 3", and a large test bench for meters up to 10". The equipment also included a gravimetric scale system, water storage tanks, pumps, meter testing software, and a full water recirculation system to conserve water usage during testing procedures. The facility was renovated to provide new office space separate from the meter test room, and to accommodate more storage within the test room. A jib crane was added along with an overhead door to transfer large meters into the testing room.

Why was the project a success?

The new system is working properly and has been arranged to improve safety and operational logistics within the space. The system automation saves time and allows OCWA to simultaneously test larger quantities of meters in a more efficient manner. The water recycling system provides for significant savings in water usage and reduces waste.

This project won the 2018 Structures Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association.

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