Plant Capacity Expansion


Pratt & Whitney HMI

What was the problem B&L needed to solve?

Pratt & Whitney HMI’s plant in Clayville, New York was seeking to grow and expand its facility. It was necessary to ensure that with its expansion, the facility would be able to control the consistency of water temperature within its process cooling system.

How did B&L solve the problem? How was it unique or innovative?

B&L was in charge of the civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and architectural engineering services for this project. The engineering services included the design for a new process cooling system. The new process cooling system includes a hybrid closed-circuit fluid cooler for cool weather operation as well as air-cooled chillers for warm weather operation. The new system also provides heat rejection to the atmosphere through various pieces of equipment, resulting in system redundancy and reduced energy consumption.

Describe the project outcome. Why was it a success?

The project has contributed to an increase in production capacity for Pratt & Whitney HMI.