Storage Tank & Spill Prevention Rule Changes

Storage Tank  and Spill Prevention Rule Changes

Photo by PA DEP

Photo by PA DEP

Author: Keith Rhodes

Early in 2018, the environmental quality board amended chapter 245 relating to the administration of the storage tank and spill prevention program. These rule changes went into effect in December 2018. The rule changes are as follows:

  • Strengthens operations and maintenance requirements for underground storage tank (UST) equipment

  • Requires substantially more record keeping and reporting by tank owners

  • A new certification category has been established for persons that only perform minor modifications to the UST system

  • Shortened the in-service inspection cycle for aboveground storage tanks (AST) in underground vaults and small ASTs.

  • Clarifications and corrections of other provisions in Chapter 245 based on experience since implementing the Chapter in 2007.

DEP page covering the rule changes

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