International Women in Engineering Day

Lauren Livermore, P.E., BCEE, Managing Engineer

Lauren Livermore, P.E., BCEE, Managing Engineer


Author: Lauren Livermore

When asked to write something up in relation to International Women in Engineering Day I jumped at the chance! I felt I had so much to share with my fellow female engineers from my past 14 years in the industry. My inspiration. My experiences. All the engineering knowledge and business advice I learned along the way!

It proved more difficult than I thought. Would anyone really want to read about what inspires me? I had to put the shoe on the other foot. Would I want to read about another women’s engineering career? My answer to that question was, of course, yes! Being a woman and a mom in the civil and environmental engineering world sometimes leaves us few people to look up to that have seen the world through a similar lens and blazed the trail ahead of us. We need to thank those people for fighting the good fight before we even knew there was a battle to be won!

What would I want to hear from my fellow female engineers? Simple – what made you the successful engineer you are today? Typically, there is not one event, but a series of moments that can adequately answer that question. Ultimately, I owe my success to my competitive nature (against myself!) and my drive to be the best I can be. But let’s face it, it’s also all the people that have hired me, worked with me, mentored me or challenged me that have helped shape the engineer I have become.

So, on International Women in Engineering Day, I have one piece of advice for the younger engineers following in my footsteps: soak it all in. Learn from those mentors, gain experience from those challenging people and situations, and hone your skills with your peers. Support each other, make each other better, and for heaven’s sake, don’t take yourself too seriously! Work is more productive and fun when you enjoy the people you are collaborating with.

I leave you with one of the best pieces of advice I have received: Worry less. Trust in your abilities. Let things play out.

What has led to your success as an engineer?