Preparing for the Next Generation of Wireless Transmission

Author: John Benson

The next generation of wireless communications is going to require smaller more closely spaced transmitter sites which will also require more open and intimate access to population centers. Concealment of these transmitters will be more important than ever. Workers that access these areas will also need to be aware of where these transmitters are and what their exposure risks may be. Municipalities will need to be ready for both sides of these impending industry changes which may also include safety and liability concerns. 

Barton & Loguidice has experience and is ready to assist with this next growth phase of the communications network. Our knowledge of the existing transmission support network, and the pending changes in the wireless system delivery process, can help you understand what is ahead and how to properly and safely plan for it. We offer municipalities a wide range of services to help navigate the complex process of permitting and approving  these small scale wireless transmitters. There are current federal regulations and guidelines dictating the time municipal governments have to understand and process these types of permit actions, so the time to get your community ready is now.

We have an experienced team of professionals ready to help you solve any questions or concerns you may have relating to the permitting of small cell wireless transmission. Our services include structural, architectural and safety engineering for connecting transmission units to existing public infrastructure. We can also provide services for the drafting of local rules and regulations pertaining to the review, approval, and fee structure of these new applications. B&L can provide continued support after installation is complete, with employee safety programs that comply with FCC & OSHA training requirements.