Planning Ahead for Successful Funding of Your Priority Projects

Author: Sharon Lilla

In New York, the 2013 Consolidated Funding Application process is underway. Approximately $730 million in competitive grants are available for a broad range of projects.  This year there are 26 programs through 13 State Agencies, including Homes and Community Renewal; Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; the Department of State; the Canal Corporation; the Department of Environmental Conservation; the Environmental Facilities Corporation; and NYSERDA. 

While this year’s deadline is fast approaching (applications are due August 12), advanced planning and the help of a consulting firm such as Barton & Loguidice will help improve the likelihood of success of your application next year.  While the process has been streamlined through an online application, what hasn’t changed is the amount of supporting documentation required (as is the case for most funding applications).

Basic criteria must be met in order for your project to be awarded funding.

  1. Your project must be consistent with the Economic Development Council Plan for your region;

  2. Your project should be backed by the goals of a localized strategic plan;

  3. Your project should meet a critical need of the community;

  4. A good candidate for funding would improve the local economy through jobs and/or tourism;

  5. Your application must demonstrate the project’s readiness; and

  6. The budget for your project must be well defined.

Now is the time to begin planning for next year’s funding cycle.  B&L has been assisting municipalities with funding and grant applications for decades.  As consultants for a wide variety of infrastructure and revitalization projects, it is our job to help find ways for clients to fund projects, by staying on top of eligibility for certain programs, anticipating the likeliness of potential funding availability, and by identifying projects that are aligned with Regional and Local Plans.  As engineers, planners, and environmental scientists, we are able to provide the up-front documentation, which may include:

  • Engineering assessments 

  • Feasibility studies 

  • Environmental assessments and SEQR

  • Economic analysis

  • Comprehensive planning

Even if you have all the assessments and studies complete, you may find it helpful to have someone tie it all together in a persuasive manner, organize the submission for maximum effectiveness, and serve as a main or alternate point of contact.  As Town/Village designated engineers for more than 50 municipalities across the state, we are often called upon to review documentation to move projects forward, and are familiar with the permitting and other regulatory hurdles that are necessary for many state and federally funded projects.

Barton & Loguidice has assisted numerous communities with the following programs:

    NYS Community Development Block Grant

      NYS Main Street Program

        The NY Main Street Technical Assistance Program

          NYS Environmental Protection Fund

            Recreational Trails Program

              Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

                NYS Canalway Grants Program

                  Green Innovation Grant Program

                    NYS DEC/EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant Program

                      There are still a number of State and Federal programs that could be used to fund projects outside of the CFA and some have rolling deadlines….contact us to find out more.  And, there are smaller grants that can be secured to help offset the cost of ‘up-front’ documents….  Most are not part of the CFA - we can suggest places to look for these small grants.