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Mifflin/Juniata Regional Solid Waste Plan

Mifflin and Juniata Counties have initiated a joint Municipal Waste Plan Update.  The two counties have a long history of working cooperatively to provide services and programs to their residents and businesses.  In 2009, the Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority conducted a “Phase 1” Study to identify ways to secure waste tonnages and improve the cash flow of its operations.  Among the key Phase 1 implementation steps was a recommendation that Mifflin and Juniata Counties work together to address and solve common waste management and recycling needs of the two-county region. 


Each county has received a planning grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, and the two counties have embarked on this new joint plan update.  Mifflin County (via the Solid Waste Authority), and Juniata County have engaged the services of Barton & Loguidice Engineers of Camp Hill, along with its subconsultants Nittany Engineering Associates and EfficientC, to assist in this plan update effort. 


This webpage has been established to help disseminate project information to a broad audience in the region.  It is also being done in the interest of sustainability and conservation of natural resources, by minimizing the excess copying and distribution of hard copies of project materials.  To the greatest extent possible, plan information will be distributed electronically.  On this webpage, you will find Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) membership lists, project schedules, meeting notes, draft plan materials, and similar information.  The webpage will be updated from time to time with the most current project information.  This site also contains links to the Juniata and Mifflin websites.  We hope you find this information useful, and will use this webpage often.



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