Whitehall Water System Improvements



Water Main Replacement

Due to the congested nature of existing underground and surface utilities and the NYSDOT jurisdiction of Broadway Avenue, B&L utilized its contacts within the NYSDOH and NYSDOT to develop a project plan that minimized disturbances of surface and underground utilities, maintained sanitary sewer separation, and removed the water main from underneath the Broadway Avenue pavement corridor.

The relocated water main consisted of approximately 5,000 LF of 10-inch PVC water main, with several sections of directionally drilled 10-inch HDPE water main. In addition to the new water main, new hydrants, water valves, and water services were installed.


B&L also assisted the Village in preparing the Operations and Maintenance Manual, treatment plant startup and operator training by one of our Grade 1A licensed operators.

Membrane Microfiltration

A membrane microfiltration system employs a semi-permeable membrane with pore size of 0.1 micrometers to filter out particulates, including bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium that are of concern in raw water supplies. During the required pilot study, it was determined that microfiltration will reduce distribution system disinfection byproducts below regulatory limits.


This project was the first successful microfiltration water treatment plant to treat a municipal surface water source in New York State and was awarded the 2007 American Public Works Association (APWA) Capital District Branch Environmental Project of the Year award and an ACEC 2009 Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence.


Filtration Plant Improvements

B&L performed a system wide assessment during Facilities Planning developing a multi-phased program of prioritized improvements.  The project included:

  • Construction of a new 1.0 mgd membrane microfiltration water treatment facility
  • 0.75 mg concrete CT/storage tank at the treatment facility
  • Raw water intake improvements
  • Replacement of about 3 miles of the raw water transmission main
  • Replacement of about 0.5 mile of finished water transmission main
  • Implementation of a water meter calibration and replacement program for the entire system
  • Improvements to the existing 0.5 mg tank in the Village
  • 1.75 miles of distribution system improvements