Richland Water Source Development



B&L developed a water supply source and a distribution system to provide public water service to approximately 650 residential and commercial properties throughout the Town including water service to the Town’s Industrial Park. Among the funding obtained for the project, the Town of Richland received a Shared Municipal Services Initiative Grant for the installation of a water works building to serve both the Town of Richland and the Village of Pulaski, as well as to fund the construction of various shared connections between the two municipalities.


B&L assisted the Town from the initial study through funding applications and facilitation, design, construction and final start-up of the facilities.  The project included the acquisition of more than 150 construction easements as well as acquisition of land from private and industrial entities within the Town.


Project Funding:


The $11,960,000 project included the following funding:

  • Shared Municipal Services Incentive Grant: $386,400
  • ARRA Grant: $5,298,600
  • NYSEFC GIGP Grant: $585,000
  • NYSERDA Grant: $150,000 
  • NYSEFC Loan 30 year at 0% interest: $5,298,600
  • Municipal Bonds: $241,400


Project Features:
  • 27 miles of ductile iron water main with hydrants and valves
  • Water main included connections to the Town’s Water District No. 1 as well as a connection to the Village of Pulaski’s water system
  • A 300,000 gallon glass-lined bolted steel ground storage tank
  • Two 12-inch diameter gravel packed wells equipped with flow meters and variable speed pumps capable of cumulatively producing in excess of 900 gpm
  • A 384-square-foot water treatment facility complete with an on-site sodium hypochlorite generator


  • A 100KW elevated wind turbine to offset on-site power consumption
  • Power distribution facilities throughout the well site as well as improvements to nearby overhead primary electrical services and equipmet
  • More than one mile of directionally drilled water main including several road and stream crossings and two crossings of Interstate 81
  • Two control valve stations
  • An interconnection station between the Town’s water system and the Village of Pulaski’s water system consisting of a booster pump and pressure reducing valve
  • A 1,560 square foot water department and water sales center including an office and two-bay maintenance garage
  • A uniform SCADA based control system with radio telemetry