Eastern Shore Water System
B&L developed a joint water distribution project to provide public water service to new water districts in the Towns of Richland and Sandy Creek. The project is an addition to Richland Water Districts No. 1 and 2, and will provide municipal water service to approximately 1,540 people.


The project eliminated various community water systems that were contaminated and provided public water to many small lakeshore properties that lacked adequate drinking water. The new water system serves over 880 developed properties in Town of Richland Water District No. 3 and Town of Sandy Creek Water District No. 1. In order to progress the project, coordination with the two Towns was essential in the project planning and design processes.


As the lead municipality, the Town of Sandy Creek received hardship financing (30 years at 0%) through the NYSEFC DWSRF program.


B&L assisted the Towns beginning with a feasibility study all the way through project development, design, and construction.


The Towns of Richland and Sandy Creek were awarded a 2014 New York State Chapter award in the Environmental category ($5 million - $25 million) for the Eastern Shore Water System. This project was also awarded a 2014 Project of the Year in the Environmental category by the APWA Central New York Branch.  Photos by Ashley Waldron Photography.

Project Features
  • Construction of over 40 miles of 8- and 10-inch water main
  • Construction of a new 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank in Sandy Creek with a high water level equal to that of the Richland North Water storage tank
  • Installation of two control valve stations to control the flow of water through the system via solenoid operated pressure reducing valves
  • Installation of a new metering and chlorination station
  • Redevelopment and improvements to two existing gravel packed wells at the existing Richland Schoeller well site
  • Installation of a radio-based telemetry system between all new sites to integrate into the existing radio control system.