Weedsport WWTP Improvements



Barton & Loguidice completed Planning Phase services for inflow/infiltration reduction within its collection system and for constructing major upgrades to its 0.30 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment plant constructed in the 1960s.  In addition to the age of the facility, the WWTP’s average daily flow was at nearly 100 percent of the plant’s capacity, and peak wet weather flows were in excess of the plant’s influent pumping capacity, at times necessitating emergency bypass pumping operations by the WWTP operators.  Barton & Loguidice completed a combined collection system I/I Study and WWTP Facilities Plan. Following successful completion of its Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project, B&L provided Facilities Planning, design, bidding, and construction phase services for the Village’s WWTP Improvement project. 


B&L assisted the Village in securing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for the project, including approximately $3.0M in principal forgiveness, of which approximately $400,000 is “Green Project Reserve” for energy efficiency measures incorporated into the WWTP improvements design.


Features of the Project

Major unit processes designed and constructed under this contract  included:

  • reuse of existing concrete treatment tanks and conversion to SBRs
  • new influent automatic climber-type bar screen with compactor/dewatering attachment
  • triplex 25 Hp dry-pit submersible influent pumps, valves, mag meters, and programmable logic controller (PLC) based level controls
  • new chlorine contact tank
  • new common-walled dual aerobic sludge digester tanks
  • new building to house a new sludge belt filter press, aeration blowers, chlorination room, and storage and garage space for use by WWTP maintenance personnel
  • new exterior 300KW diesel generator and transfer equipment
Energy Efficiency Measures
  • installation of high-efficiency lighting fixtures
  • variable speed drives and premium-efficiency motors on pumps and aeration equipment
  • automatic dissolved oxygen level-based blower control for the SBRs and aerobic digesters
  • a zero-energy effluent aeration cascade
  • building envelope design exceeding current Energy Code standards

Asset Management

B&L developed an asset management program for the Village of Weedsport that will:

  • Create and maintain an electronic inventory of assets
  • Identify critical assets using methodology supplied by EPA resources
  • Identify remaining useful life and economic value of all assets
  • Implement a documented maintenance program with work orders
  • Better capture costs associated with maintaining and repairing assets
  • Manage parts and vendor better
  • Establish budget line items for replacing and rehabilitating assets
  • Reduce paperwork