Rochester Museum & Science Center Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase


Project Features
  • Size of project: 2.1 acres
  • Pre-construction impervious area: 1.1 acres
  • Post-construction impervious area: 0.7 acres
  • For a 1” rain event, the GI practices enable over 28,000 gallons of storm water to infiltrate and return to ground water
  • Approximately 26,300 square feet of porous pavements are installed
  • Approximately 4,300 square feet of bio-retention rain gardens are installed
  • An estimated one million gallons of water per year will be diverted from the Rochester combined sewer system


The Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase at the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) embeds a natural systems approach to storm water management within an attractive and sustainable urban public space. Green infrastructure (GI) at RMSC brings together natural systems and built environments, through the use of living landscapes as functional infrastructure. The Showcase significantly improves water quality and connects seamlessly to the existing RMSC facilities and to the surrounding community.


The Showcase design was developed collaboratively with RMSC staff and local partners including the Water Education Collaborative, the Storm Water Coalition of Monroe County, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The design embraces a synergy of environmental science, art, and architecture to achieve the targets identified in the New York Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) for this project.


The Showcase provides a living laboratory, an outdoor classroom, and a real-life demonstration of how GI practices contribute to water quality, community sustainability, and urban revitalization. Signage and interactive learning opportunities are incorporated as educational exhibits. Funding was provided by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation through the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP).



Above: site map describing all the elements of the Showcase