Rochester ChildFirst Network Playground Master Plan


Design elements of an inclusive play space extend beyond personal accessibility, providing equitable access to the environment, experience and options of play.


Elements of an inclusive design encompass children’s needs through enclosure, signage, seating, shade, transportation, circulation, ramps, transfer pads, and cozy and quiet spaces.



The RCN campus encompasses over four acres of land in the South Wedge district of the City of Rochester. The site includes the main building, handicapped access, parking, outdoor play environments, and unprogrammed open space for children of all ages and mobility levels. RCN is a recognized leader in early intervention special education programs.


The RCN Playground Master Plan provides an evolving long-term planning document that establishes a framework of organization and design principles to shape the future growth of the RCN campus. Objectives of this project include identifying problems related to current site conditions and developing opportunities for enhancements to outdoor play environments. The Playground Master Plan supports the mission of RCN by providing a vision for an integrated system of outdoor play spaces that is safe, sustainable and stimulating. The RCN Playground Master Plan emphasizes inclusive play, exploration, and a diversity of activity opportunities for children of all ages and mobility levels.

Designing for Play

A well-planned inclusive playground will not only entice kids back to outdoor play, but will also allow children of all abilities to develop the strong sensory and motor systems that are so vital for their futures.

- Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, founder,