Monroe County Multi-Agency Green Fleet Fueling Facilities


The Multi-Agency Green Fleet Fueling Facilities project is a unique cost-sharing, inter-municipal partnership that serves as a model for alternative fuel dispensing stations by other agencies in the region. The objective of this project was to provide convenient alternative fleet fueling stations at various locations in the Rochester area available to the City of Rochester, Monroe County, and potentially the public to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles.


By providing convenient and easy accessibility to alternative fuel, such as ethanol (E-85), bio-diesel (B-20), compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and propane, the municipalities will be better able to convert existing conventional fuel fleets to alternative fuel vehicle fleets and reduce mobile source emissions.


The project involved two alternative fuel dispensing stations: the first station is located at the City of Rochester’s Mt. Read Operations Center at 524 Mt. Read Boulevard and replaced the existing conventional fuel storage tanks and dispensers at the site. The second station is new and is located at Monroe County’s Frank E. Van Lare Wastewater Treatment Plant.




The consulting services associated with this project included:  

  • Feasibility assessment, planning, and selection of potential fleet fueling station sites and design


  • Design for the complete replacement of the existing City of Rochester DPW fleet fueling facility at the Mt. Read Operations Center, including remediation of petroleum-contaminated soils and groundwater, underground storage tank (UST) removal and fuel island demolition, site lighting improvements, new USTs, new aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), new tank monitoring and fuel management systems, transfer containment, and CNG refueling station.


  • Design for the new Monroe County fleet fueling station at the Van Lare WWTP, including site plan development, site grading and drainage improvements, LED site lighting, new ASTs, new underground piping and fuel islands, canopy structure with fire suppression, LPG and CNG refueling stations, transfer containment, and state-of-the-art tank monitoring and fuel management systems.


  • Contract administration and inspection


  • Preparation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans and NYSDEC Petroleum Bulk Storage application updates for both the County and the City.