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2012 APWA Award Winners

2012 B&L APWA Award Winners

  • Adams Feedmill underground storage tank removal
  • Caughdenoy digester fine bubble aeration retrofit
  • Ravena turbidimeters
  • Satterlee Lane Sewer Emergency Repair
  • South Street Mechanicville
B&L Wins Several Local and State APWA Awards in 2012

The American Public Works Association (APWA) has recognized the following projects through their annual awards program:


The Village of Adams Environmental Restoration Project won the 2012 Environmental Project of the Year award from the APWA Central New York Branch. The project went on to win a New York State Branch award for the same category.  This project entailed environmental investigation and remedial efforts for the G.L. Thomas & Sons Feed Mill/Laramie Tire Property.


The Town of Hastings Caughdenoy Sewer District Extension No. 1 won the 2012 Environmental Project of the Year award from the APWA Central New York Branch. The project involved converting the existing sand filter system to a pumping station and conveying sanitary flows approximately 3.7 miles via low pressure force main to the Town’s Fort Brewerton Sewer District’s 125,000 GPD sequencing batch reactor plant.


The Village of Ravena won the 2012 Environmental Project of the Year Award from the APWA Capital District for the Ravena Water Treatment, Storage, and Transmission Facilities Capital Improvement Plan.  The project involved construction of a new 300,000-gallon water storage tank to service the Village’s high pressure zone, telemetry and control system, reconstruction of the Village’s water supply intake in the Hannacrois Creek, construction of a new raw water pump station, approximately 15,000 feet of raw water transmission main, and phased upgrade of the Village’s water filtration plant from a capacity of 0.67 mgd to 1.7 mgd. 


Washington County Sewer District No.2 won the 2012 Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair Project of the Year award from the APWA Capital District Branch. The project went on to win a New York State Branch award for the same category.   The Washington County Sewer District incurred substantial damages in December 2011 when an incident at a local gas station resulted in 1,500 gallons of gasoline spilling at the station and draining into the combined sewer system just upstream of the Village of Fort Edward. The spill occurred during a large rainstorm and somehow ignited and created significant explosive forces that cracked, fractured, or blew apart many areas of vitrified clay trunk sewer and sewer lateral piping as well as a few manholes. The design and construction of infrastructure repairs occurred on a fast track.


The City of Mechanicville won the 2012 Transportation Project of the Year award from the APWA Capital District Branch.  This project replaced the deteriorated roadway, nonfunctional drainage system, provided bicycle and improved pedestrian accommodations, and stabilized failing slopes. South Street is the primary connection between the City and the Mechanicville public school complex and is utilized by school buses, students that walk and bicycle to school, commuters, and emergency services that rely on this roadway to minimize response times. The roadway was improved as a “Complete Street” to accommodate multiple modes of transportation with the inclusion of an ADA compliant two‐way multi‐use path, lighting, traffic calming, new sidewalk ramps, crosswalks, and storm water quality improvements. A new closed drainage system, sub‐surface drainage, utility relocations, pre‐cast gravity retaining walls, and slope stability, will ensure a long life cycle and for this multi‐modal facility.