Potential Water District No. 6 Service Area


Project Description:


In response to Town residents’ requests for public water, the Town of Hounsfield retained the services of Barton & Loguidice (B&L) to provide an evaluation for extending public water to Town areas currently unserved. Based on this preliminary evaluation, it appears that significant portions of the Town can be served by a new water district should the residents support the project.


The potential Water District No. 6 project (the “project”) is targeted to generally include portions of the developed Lake Ontario Shore, County Route 62, County Route 66, Jericho Rd, Evans Rd, Fields Rd, Parker Rd, Clark Rd, Spencer Rd, W. Martin Rd, and NYS Route 3. The potential service areas covered by the project is shown on the attached Figure 2. The exact service area will be subject to revision as the project continues to be refined.


The Water District No. 6 service area could include a total of 82,000 LF (15.5 miles) of new water main. Due to shallow bedrock concerns, conventional private services would be installed under the project to the residence and/or business to a maximum distance of 150 feet from the water main. For deeply setback properties, cottages and mobile homes, a meter pit will be provided.


The proposed project could also result in interconnections between Water Districts No. 2 & No. 3, thus improving water quality, flow availability, and redundancy.



Project Financing:

The estimated total project cost of providing water to the overall Water District No. 6 service area as shown on the above figure is $8,577,000. Funding is being sought from NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation. The Town is targeting a 30 year, 0% interest and $2,000,000 in grant.  


Next Steps:

The Town has completed concept level planning and a more detailed Preliminary Engineering Report. Upon funding confirmation, a Map, Plan and Report would be prepared for the formation of the proposed Water District No 6. Public hearings and informational meetings will be held to address questions and concerns of potential District residents. The actual construction of the facilities would likely not commence until Spring 2018.



*All costs presented here are preliminary and may be subject to revision as the project continues to be refined

Project Location:

Town of Hounsfield, New York


Total Estimated Project Cost:



Total Estimated Users:

249 EDUs


Annual Benefit Assessment per EDU:

$704 per year


Quarterly Water Rates:

$85.00 per quarter (up to 10,000 gallons)

$5.00 per 1000 gallons thereafter


Estimated Water Cost:

$395.50 per year (based on 140 gallon per day usage)


Estimated Total User Cost:

$1,099 per year or $91.60 per month